Initial Legal Consultations

Your free consultation benefit covers up to thirty (30) minutes in the Plan Attorney's office, over the phone or online with the Plan Attorney. The number of consultations is unlimited, except that each one must be on a different legal matter. Consultations are provided by the local Plan Attorney who is determined to be the best match for your needs by your Personal Access Specialist (PAS).Your PAS may ask a number of background questions to determine your needs. Next, your PAS will get in contact with one or more Plan Attorneys in the area to confirm availability, check for conflicts and be sure the matter falls within their practice area. This sometimes causes a slight delay in a referral, but you can be sure that when you call the Plan Law Firm you will not be informed that the attorney is out of town for three weeks, does not handle your type of matter or is the attorney for the "other side." Because we are very selective in choosing attorneys for our Plan, we do not have "hundreds" of attorneys in any given city. The Plan Attorney you will be referred to will be within 23 miles, with an occasional exception for rural areas. While this may seem far, it is likely that you will not have to go into the attorney's office more than two or three times for a lengthy case, usually only once for a simple case and most matters (92%) can be handled over the phone.

Free Simple Will Prepared

No additional charge for each Participant and Eligible Dependents (spouse and children under age 22 that are members of household). Plan Attorney shall prepare a simple will or codicil for Member, spouse and Family Member and discuss the legal requirements for signing the will.
What constitutes a Simple Will varies by state, so it is difficult to give parameters into which your will must fall in order to be covered. This benefit is provided by completing a Will questionnaire which will be reviewed by a local Plan Attorney. You will have the option to include additional information with your basic Will questionnaire and have the Plan Attorney review your situation and make recommendations for other documents that may be helpful. From the time we receive your Will kit there is typically a four to six week turnaround time for your Will to be completed. Your benefits also cover an annual update of your will each year enrolled.

Complete Online Participant Legal Research System

Unlimited access at no additional charge for researching legal issues in all types of legal problems in a user-friendly [not lawyer] environment

Eldercare Legal Library

Online - complete analysis of eldercare legal concepts. This site includes an analysis of family and estate planning legal documents for a full understanding of when each document is needed to protect your parents from disasters. It also includes detailed information on elder care legal issues including Medicare filings, nursing home liability, living will documents, medical surgeries, gift/estate planning, and related issues.

Family Health-Legal Library

  • Complete set of libraries containing detailed discussions of the most common health-legal issues confronting Americans today. Plan Participants can review each at their convenience, before a health issue is a problem.
  • Detailed Library of Health-Legal Documents, all of which are explained in detail on the corresponding Web site.
  • Specific Instructions for ease in understanding Health-Legal Documents.

Library of Legal Documents

To enable Participants to review actual legal documents for their use in handling minor legal problems - forms and letters for immediate usage.

Domestic Violence and the Law Web site

A private, confidential Domestic Violence and the Law site is available as a special part of the Internet service, so that Plan Participants can receive valuable information regarding their violence issues, before they take an action that may not be helpful. This domestic violence and the law site includes all of these information topics:

  • Complete Overview of Domestic Violence and the Law
  • Complete discussion of the concepts and legal issues involved in most domestic violence cases
  • Safety Checklist
  • Enables a battered spouse to review certain safety information that can help save lives
  • Detailed Discussion of the Civil Domestic Violence
  • Explains the legal aspects of many civil court remedies to prevent violence, including protective orders
  • Specific Discussion of the Criminal Components of Domestic Violence

For ease in understanding how the criminal justice system can help battered spouse, including what can be the consequences of calling the police to help

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